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  In 1991, the Montebello City Council established the Montebello Housing Development Corporation (MHDC) in response to the findings of the Redevelopment Agency's five year Affordable Housing Strategic Plan.

In November 1992, The MHDC was incorporated as a public service nonprofit agency. Working closely with the city's Economic Development Department, Board members made the homeownership by first time homebuyers of low-to moderate income a priority in the business of the corporation.

In December of 1999, the Board of Directors separated from the administrative relationship with the city. In July of 2000, the corporation relocated its offices and began recruiting its own administrative staff. This goal was achieved by November of 2001 with the appointment of key staff.   The Board took into consideration the ethnic diversity of the community in determining the make-up of the administrative staff.

As of July 2003, the staffing needs have been met. MHDC's staff currently consist of 4 full time, specialized consultants  and 2 part time employees to implement the corporation's programs and to address the day-to day business of the corporation.  The corporation is managed by a capable and experienced Executive Committee.  President Robert Monzon, Chief Financial Officer Pat Renteria and Vice President Jaime Legaspi.

The day to day operation of the organization is left to Operations Manager Renee Chavez and experienced manager and supervisor overseeing staffs.  Contact her or our Administrative Assistant Rachel Reyna for information about our programs and events at 323-722-3955.

If you are interested in volunteering at MHDC or participating in one of our many programs please contact us, we would be happy to assist you.


Mission Statement

To educate and assist in the delivery of safe, sanitary, quality and affordable housing to individuals and families of modest financial means.

We strive using the highest ethical standards and professionalism to provide programs to satisfy the following goals:

· To be the catalyst in the community to assist individuals and families to enjoy affordable housing.

· To become the provider of excellent affordable housing.

· To be a creator of socially responsible housing and economic development opportunities.

· To help stabilize economically troubled neighborhoods in the community.





Economic Development


MHDC Staff and Consultants


 Program and Services                       Name                                              

 Administration                                  Renee Chavez

                                                         Amalia Gutierrez

 Events and Workshops                     Renee Chavez

                                                         Vera Morales

 Foreclosure Counseling                     Sergio Hernandez

                                                          Juan Rivera

 First Time Homebuyers                     Sergio Hernandez

                                                          Vera Morales

 Development and Construction          Charles Lawrence

 Acquisition and Rehab Program         Jaime Legaspi

 Montebello Mentors Youth Prgm.     Stephanie Serrano

 Finance / Accounting                         Marilu Claridge

 Grants and Funding                           David Reyna


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